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gspguitar Guitar Solo has been a San Francisco Bay Area resource for acoustic guitars since 1974. At our retail store, we maintain a large, comprehensive selection of steel and nylon string guitars in all price ranges. We also stock many acoustic-electric models. Some of the instruments, both new and used, you can expect to try in our store are:

Goodall, Martin, Taylor, Santa Cruz, Avalon, Larrivee, Takamine, Sigma, Yamaha, Blueridge, Sunlite, and many others.

Marin-Montero, Ramirez, Contreras, Plazuelo, Rodriguez, Baarslag, Schlemper, Kohno, Sakurai, Imai, Liikanen, Hill, Fontanilla, Prenkert, Cervantes, Piña, Aparicio, Raimundo, Yamaha, Takamine, Sunlite, Aria, and many others. We also carry ukuleles, mandolins, travel guitars, acoustic basses, and guitars for children. Our well informed, competent staff welcomes you to come in and compare these instruments, side by side, at your leisure. We look forward to your visit.

Please bear with us as we continually update all of the newly uploaded data in this new GSP website.

ILIANA MATOS - Angels in The Street

"Really, what can one say about a recording as good as this? Thorughout the 64 minutes of music on this disc there are rhythmic complexities which boggle the mind, stunning harmonies and wonderfully crafted melodies. In Iliana Matos, Martin has the perfect interpreter for his work. Her technical abilities are second to none and she possesses a truly beautiful tone when required. She shows an instinctive insight into this music and gets to the heart of every piece with impeccable phrasing. Her name deserves to go down in guitar history as one of the great players of our time. Highly recommended." — Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine


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